1. March 17 - 1.0.2043
  2. * The framerate is now limited to the current monitor refresh rate.
  3. * Fixed the Songweaver sometimes not regaining stamina while running.
  4. * Fixed the Songweaver’s run speed buff carrying over between areas.
  5. * Fixed the Spellblade’s Shockwave animation triggering when it shouldn’t.
  6. * Fixed several issues with dialogue being displayed incorrectly.
  7. * Fixed an issue that prevented Apricot events from appearing.
  8. * The final boss can no longer be damaged while spawning.
  9. * (Online) Fixed players sometimes getting stuck at the hometown selection screen.
  10. * (Online) Fixed remote players not always being able to hit the final boss when playing online.
  11. * (Online) Fixed an online death synchronization issue.
  12. * (Online) Fixed remote player totems sometimes moving off-screen.
  13. * (Online) Fixed an issue where enemies would sometimes disappear online.
  14. * (Online) The pause panel no longer pauses enemies when online.
  15. * (Online) Players with different client versions will be asked to update when trying to join.
  16. March 15 - 1.0.2017
  17. * Keybinding settings have been reset to resolve issues some players were having, and custom keybindings are temporarily disabled so that we can fix the issue.
  18. * A visual bug with selecting options in the Cooking Panel has been fixed.
  19. * Fixed an issue where players were getting stuck in certain caves when playing online.
  20. * Increased clickable area on the dialogue panel UIs.
  21. March 11 - 1.0.2008
  22. * Improved mouse controls in the in-game options menu.
  23. * Fixed some incorrect button icons being shown in the ability panel.
  24. * The host's IP address is now shown in the "host game" menu, as well as an option to hide it.
  25. * The host game menu now links to our "How to play online" guide.
  26. March 9 - Release 1.0
  27. * Kickstarter backers who qualify for the Meow Hunters tier can enter their Kickstarter emails as a code to unlock their Black Cat familiar! After the code is entered and the cat enabled (with keyboard), just start a new game.
  28. * The Revive panel, Ability personal menu, and World Map selection, when playing with a keyboard, will now show the proper instead of controller buttons.
  29. * French cutscenes will now play their voice acting, as intended.
  30. * Online games will now delete their proper save files instead of offline save files.
  31. * Druid's Lion form will now show a lion as intended, with different colors for the different Druid costumes.
  32. * Cooking/selecting ingredients will now work with mouse properly.
  33. * We have temporarily removed the sitting points from the horizon chunks in the game -- we'll put them back in soon, when the "Look" prompt goes away properly.
  34. * Slightly rebalanced Spirit gain & effect to make it less likely to get infinite stamina.
  35. * Witch will no longer recharge her Stamina while shooting her blood beam.
  36. March 8 - Sneaky
  37. * The game won't lock down anymore on your first playthrough, after the cutscene. Sorry about that.
  38. * You can now press Enter to confirm by default as a keyboard player, if you are a fresh install and/or if you reset your playerprefs in the registry.
  39. * Iltani no longer speaks Russian sometimes.
  40. * Sun Cultist dash is less silly.
  41. * Witch beam and Druid vines and Songweaver charges now work in Online games across the network.
  42. * Songweaver's default skills now all have icons.
  43. March 7 - Beta 7
  44. * Restarting a new online game immediately after ending one is still messed up, so we've added an explicit pop-up for the interim.
  45. * Character select panel is much improved. The key to edit your name is wrong still.
  46. * Sun Cultist no longer flies off the screen when he's dead.
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