1. List of Future Diary episodes
  2. When Yuno acquires his four-leaf grimoire, Revchi plotted to steal it but is defeated when Asta acquired his five-leaf grimoire and used it to nullify Revchi's chains. bootie shorts pink When the Elves start their assault on the Capital, Revchi attempted to get revenge on Gueldre earlier than the 2 notice they each hate Asta for ruining their plans and find yourself working together to fend off the attacking Elves.
  3. Zora's ideology resulted as the results of his father Zara, who seemed as much as Magic Knights and ultimately joined the Purple Orcas as the primary commoner Magic Knight, was secretly killed by a teammate during a mission. This disillusioned Zora as he made it his objective to put each corrupt Magic Knight in his place, refusing to wear his Magic Knight gown after Yami made him a member. But following the Royal Knights Selection Exam, having solely entered underneath a false id for his personal agenda, Zora decides to officially declare himself as a Black Bull member.
  4. Xerx is later possessed by an elf spirit who makes an attempt to destroy the town of Hecairo before Asta defeats and exorcises the elf. is a former member of the Purple Orcas and the primary antagonist Yuno and Asta encounter firstly of the collection, possessing Chain Magic that enables him to nullify any magic. That ability resulted in him being discharged from the Magic Knights after being set up by Gueldre on a failed mission that scarred his face with burns.
  5. When Zagred returns, Secre borrowed Finral to succeed in Lumiere so she can revive him while returning to her true form earlier than they be part of Asta and others on the Shadow Palace. While Secre wished to remain by Lumiere's facet as he passes on, he convinces her to remain with the Black Bulls as an official member. is a disrespectful member of the Black Bulls who uses his versatile Ash Magic in creating traps spells for his opponents, expressing harsh criticism in direction of those he defeats.
  6. Hamon Caseus was a nobleman and a 2nd Class Intermediate Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom's Golden Dawn and Royal Knights squads. He was killed by Zenon's forces when he invaded the Golden Dawn Headquarters. is a nobleman and a member of the Golden Dawn, a serious-minded person of Steel Magic.
  7. He is the wielder of Gamer Magic, which permits him to create a dimension for enjoying grand games with rules set in. However, when the sport is in motion, even he can not enter the dimension or interrupt the sport. is the vice-captain of the Purple Orcas and is an ice mage generally known as the Saint of Pure Ice. While assumed by many to be a virtuous and protecting of his squad's honor, he is truly a corrupt Magic Knight who is abusive in the direction of commoners and those weaker than himself. While usually stationed at Clover Kingdom's border, he returns to the capital to take part in the Royal Knight choice examination earlier than being brutally beatened by Zora Ideale for his therapy of a commoner girl.
  8. While Klaus initially appeared down on Asta and Yuno for being from "the sticks", he ends being on friendly phrases with them following their mission in a dungeon and seeing them battle Mars. Klaus ends up later possessed by an elf spirit following Patolli's ritual. by the Black Bulls whereas playing a job in gathering a majority of magic stones for them.


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