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  8. <p class="p__0">Tan and white is the most common two-color variety, but there is a vast array of other colors including lemon, an extremely light tan; red, a reddish, practically orange, brown; and liver, a darker brown, and black. Liver is not common and is not allowed in some requirements; it tends to occur with yellow eyes.</p>
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  10. <p class="p__1">Some tricolor beagles also have ticking of various colors in their white areas. Sense of smell [modify] Alongside the Bloodhound and Basset Hound, the beagle has one of the best developed senses of odor of any canine. In the 1950s, John Paul Scott and John Fuller began a 13-year study of canine behavior.</p>
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  14. <p class="p__2">The beagles found it in less than a minute, while Fox Terriers took 15 minutes and Scottish Terriers failed to discover it at all. Beagles are better at ground-scenting (following a trail on the ground) than they are at air-scenting, and for this factor they have been omitted from most mountain rescue groups in favor of collies, which use sight in addition to air-scenting and are more biddable.</p>
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  26. <p class="p__3">Variations [modify] Breed varieties [modify] The American Kennel Club recognizes 2 separate varieties of beagle: the 13-inch for hounds less than 13 inches (33 cm), and the 15-inch for those in between 13 and 15 inches (33 and 38 cm). The Canadian Kennel Club acknowledges a single type, with a height not exceeding 15 inches (38 cm).</p>
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  30. <p class="p__4">A Puggle, a beagle/pug cross, reveals traits from both breeds. English and American varieties are often discussed. However, there is no main acknowledgment from any Kennel Club for this distinction. Beagles fitting the American Kennel Club requirement which disallows animals over 15 inches (38 cm) are smaller sized on typical than those fitting the Kennel Club standard which enables heights approximately 16 inches (41 cm).</p>
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  37. <p class="p__5">A stress called Spot Hounds was developed by Willet Randall and his household from 1896 specifically for their bunny searching capability. They trace their family back to Field Champion Spot, however do not always have a patchwork marking. View Details [modify] In the 1850s, Stonehenge advised a cross between a Beagle and a Scottish Terrier as a retriever.</p>
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