1. - If you cannot find a sample on YouTube, you may search for Bandcamp/Soundcloud links or upload a file to the following (replace dot with .):
  2. -- vocaroo
  3. -- catbox
  4. -- wetransfer
  5. -- pixeldrain
  6. -- aboo dot se
  7. -- i dot kalli dot st
  8. -- pomf dot cat
  9. -- qu dot ax
  10. -- zz dot ht
  11. - Earlier this year, an infrequent sharethread poster named Martin Barker recommended his open-source program RenderTune for uploading full albums on YT; it's better that you use that program for a share that's missing from YT
  12. - Posting just YouTube/Bandcamp/Soundcloud links without any proper corresponding DL link AND without the intention to request is SHILLING
  13. - Zippyshare is blocked in the UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and Spain, so use a proxy/VPN/leecher if you're in one of those countries, or you encounter a 403 error
  14. - The above advice is also applicable if you find out that a mediafire link you're trying to access is blocked in your country
  15. - Complaining about FLAC or any other lossless format is poorf*g/storagelet cope; kindly request a conversion to MP3 if you're unable to but with a valid reason

ST A.E. 09/21