1. Jillette Johnson - Water In A Whale
  2. Label.........................: Wind-Up
  3. Genre.........................: Pop
  4. StoreDate.....................: Jun-25-2013
  5. Source........................: CDDA
  6. Grabber.......................: Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode)
  7. Encoding Scheme...............: Lame 3.98.4 V0 VBR Joint-Stereo
  8. Size..........................: 82.38 MB
  9. Total Playing Time............: 47:34
  10. Release Notes:
  11. 23 year-old New York City singer/songwriter Jillette Johnson will
  12. release her Wind-up Records debut album, Water In a Whale (track listing
  13. below), on June 25, 2013. Written by Jillette Johnson and produced by
  14. Peter Zizzo (Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Carlton) and Michael
  15. Mangini (David Byrne, Joss Stone), Water In A Whale is the follow up to
  16. her 2012 critically acclaimed EP, Whiskey & Frosting, which is available
  17. now.
  18. Johnson garnered numerous accolades for Whisky & Frosting with her
  19. depth and maturity in her songwriting, her soaring vocals and lyrics
  20. that prove to be everything from controversial to comforting to
  21. spiritually arousing. CMJ called it, ôàone of those rare debuts where
  22. you experience a young songwriter with a highly mature sense of artistic
  23. selfàItÆs an emotional five-song collection of stately pop from an
  24. unflinchingly honest artistö while Baeblemusic proclaimed, ôàit really
  25. takes something special to get our attention in this over saturated
  26. scene. Jillette Johnson is one of those remarkable talents who rose
  27. above to create one of the most exciting piano-driven EPs in recent
  28. memoryàHer genuine voice and expressiveness is only exceeded by her
  29. ability to craft magnificent songs.ö
  30. As a teen, Johnson left her small town of Pound Ridge, New York,
  31. population 4,000 to move to NYCÆs vibrantly creative LES neighborhood.
  32. In the years that followed, Johnson auditioned for and ultimately turned
  33. down a slot on The Voice to focus on songwriting then sign with Wind-up
  34. Records. All of JohnsonÆs songs tell a compelling story that draws the
  35. listener in. From her first single, the bravely vulnerable ôCameron,ö a
  36. song which ultimately got her signed to Wind-up, Johnson explores the
  37. struggle of being transgender and gives an inspiring voice about staying
  38. true to your authentic self to ôPauvre Coeurö (poor heart), a
  39. confessional song about love gone wrong that Paste Magazine calls
  40. ôàmelancholic sound from the piano and the true angst in JohnsonÆs voice
  41. make this a beautifully depressing song and videoö and Nylon Magazine
  42. exclaims, ôHer VOICE. Jillette can sing and sheÆs not afraid to let
  43. everyone know about it. She rips through this song like a rock opera.
  44. ItÆs a little La Boheme meets Carol King in her prime,ö Johnson is an
  45. artist that will draw you in with each story she tells.
  46. Wind-up Records and Jillette Johnson have teamed up with PledgeMusic to
  47. offer a unique pre-order campaign. Fans can pledge for any of the
  48. exclusive items and experiences listed on JohnsonÆs PledgeMusic page
  49. including a private house show, a day in the studio with Johnson and
  50. even a personal song written just for them along with much more. Those
  51. who do so will also hear streams of new songs, see videos and pictures
  52. of Johnson on tour, receive a digital download of Water In a Whale and
  53. more. Johnson will donate a portion of the pledged proceeds to Hey
  54. U.G.L.Y. û Unique Gifted Lovable You, a bullying prevention nonprofit
  55. organization dedicated to empowering youth to be their true selves and
  56. part of the solution to bullying. Utilizing peer-to-peer learning,
  57. world class speakers and the Choose To Change radio show, Hey U.G.L.Y.
  58. helps schools and youth-serving organizations co-create an environment
  59. of respect, acceptance and inclusion.
  60. Tracklisting
  61. 01. Torpedo 3:41
  62. 02. Cameron 3:51
  63. 03. Flood The Ocean 3:16
  64. 04. When The Ship Goes Down 2:50
  65. 05. Last Bus Out 3:08
  66. 06. Pauvre Coeur 4:15
  67. 07. Peter Pan 3:01
  68. 08. Basset Hound 3:19
  69. 09. Butterfly Catcher 2:48
  70. 10. Heathen 3:04
  71. 11. True North 3:30
  72. 12. Cameron (Stripped) 3:41
  73. 13. 17 3:50
  74. 14. Box Of Crayons 3:20
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