1. Read about the clever eco-city Aqua City
  2. In the current real estate period of time, probably the most popular is the aqua city venture. Aqua city Bien Hoa is situated on the "Fantastic" place next to the East of Ho Chi Minh City.
  3. Read about the wise eco-urban Aqua City
  4. Developer with more than 28 years of real estate advancement experience Novaland Class
  5. Area: Huong Lo 2 Streets, Lengthy Installed, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai.
  6. Level of aqua city undertaking: a lot more than 1000 hectares
  7. Aqua city Bien Hoa contains 7 subdivisions: Phoenix Island, River Park 1, The Grand Cottages, The Valencia, The Stella, The Professional, The Collection
  8. By far the most fantastic environmental facilities: 32 km of stream playground, 385 ha water area, 25 ha of educational facilities by any means ranges, 3 ha of health-related services, 20 design park systems, 70Per cent from the green place and Popular facilities…
  9. Presently open up for sale: the most beautiful Phoenix az Tropical isle subdivision of Aqua City undertaking (Phoenix, az South, Phoenix, az To the north, Phoenix az Key)
  10. Read about the Phoenix az Isle subdivision that is wide open available for sale
  11. Opening up selling of the initial phase of Phoenix Tropical island (Contemporary European layout, 30Per cent cup material to hook the sun and blowing wind and like the total perspective)
  12. Estimated price of Phoenix South subdivision is just from 6.8 billion:
  13. Ability to personal F0 item (not even open up available for purchase)
  14. Supply for your initial transaction, discounted approximately 15%
  15. Regular transaction from 36 several weeks, 40Percent financial loan support with Percent rate of interest and initial sophistication time period for 36 weeks.
  16. Awesome light repayment 1Per cent/30 days for 88 a few months
  17. More information about Do thi aqua city check out this useful resource.