1. New Features:
  2. getattr: dynamic color support (dump outlet)
  3. jit.gl.model: 'dispose' message
  4. mc.noteallocator~: added @hires attribute
  5. mc.wrapper~: deviate message uses xoshiro256 random generator
  6. Message to Max: 'purgemididevices' message
  7. sfrecord~: 'sortloop' attribute (most recent recording is added to the beginning of the file)
  8. thresh: symbol and anything support
  9. umenu: 'symbolmode' attribute (all entries are converted to symbols)
  10. xmidiin: new object to output raw midi from all devices
  11. Fixed Bugs:
  12. amxd~: eliminated extra border added to device after being dragged into patcher
  13. amxd~: improved error message object identification
  14. Autocompletion: Fixed usage in Gen
  15. Autocompletion: Removed redundant sorting of message box autocompletion
  16. closebang / closefile: eliminate recursive crashes
  17. closebang: fixed output after sending bangs to object
  18. coll / Text Editor: Extended characters properly handled when closing the editor window
  19. curve~: curve factor of zero is linear
  20. curve~: fixed behavior at -1 / 1
  21. delay~: permit time attributes to default to samples instead of milliseconds
  22. dict: shows parameter attributes in inspector when parameter mode enabled
  23. dict: subdicts updated when 'remove' and 'append' are used
  24. dict.deserialize: Fixed crash with some input
  25. dict.pack/unpack: remove dummy foo:bar dict
  26. dict.route: long strings no longer truncated
  27. Dynamic Colors: default Max for LIve device patcher background color follows Live's theme
  28. Dynamic Colors: loadtime improvements
  29. Dynamic Colors: non-UI objects given dynamic color will retain set color on patch reload
  30. Format palette: fixed crash when clicking format palette icon
  31. Gen: contents of genpatcher are retained when 'changed attributes to arguments' is used
  32. GL2: shader glsl include functionality
  33. GL3 jit.gl.multiple: jit.gl.multiple drawing support
  34. GL3 jit.gl.text3d: can be drawn with jit.gl.multiple
  35. GL3: fixed initial reported values of videoplane color attribute
  36. GL3: fixed materials using glsl includes
  37. GL3: fixed screentoworld/worldtoscreen when drawing with multi-drawto
  38. Global Transport: eliminated re-output of previously set position when tempo changes
  39. jit.bfg: fixed crash when sending matrix with wrong number of planes
  40. jit.gl.lua: fixed crash when using external text editor
  41. Jitter Gen: drag of genjit files when holding down option will give jit.gl.pix option
  42. Jitter MOP objects: arguments show up in autocomplete
  43. JS File object: writes to proper directory after open()
  44. JS Task: fixed issue with creating JS object with task
  45. jsliveapi: ensure boxpath (fixes M4L.chooser issues)
  46. jstrigger: fixed argument and empty expression crashes
  47. jsui: fixed crash with tonamedmatrix on Apple silicon
  48. kslider: don't allow click on invisible/unpainted rightmost black key
  49. live.dial: Fixed triangle color
  50. live.gain~: fixed cursor location on mouse up
  51. live.step: dynamic colors work as expected
  52. loadbang: fixed breakage when an undo transaction is canceled
  53. Max Console: ensure that posts from different objects appear on separate lines
  54. Max Console: fixed memory leak
  55. Max for Live Device Projects: dirty the device when dependencies are added
  56. Max for Live Patter device: fixed crash on load (Live 11.1.b8)
  57. Max for Live unique identifier / ---: maintained when loading poly~ patchers
  58. mc.dup~: fixed typed-in chans attribute
  59. mc.noteallocator~: fixed MPE event parsing
  60. mc.number~: fixed channel outlet numbering
  61. mc.poly~: fixed autocompletion dropdown
  62. message: fixed autocompletion text replacement after a comma
  63. MIDI: retain MIDI prefs from missing devices
  64. midiformat: accepts 'hires' message to leftmost inlet to set attr
  65. MSP / Gen: fixed double denorm and nan check macros (doubles the headroom of audio)
  66. object autocompletion: description text properly appears after editing box
  67. Object drawing: fixed crash if component cached image is freed in the middle of painting (fixes o.display)
  68. Packages: Fixed potential crash on success when dropping a maxpack on the Max Console
  69. panel: fixed enabling / disabling window_drag in Max for Live subpatchers
  70. patcher format: improved sorting of some json entries
  71. Patching: fixed glitch when first opening patcher or opening calendar
  72. Patching: improved drawing when moving in/out of Presentation mode
  73. pattr: restore bindto connection after deletion/recreation of bound object
  74. pattrstorage: changemode respected when setting values directly
  75. pattrstorage: fixed crash when attempting to create a large preset number
  76. pfft~: fixed in/out @attr_comment showing up in assistance
  77. playlist~: avoid overwriting clip source with cached version
  78. Projects: renamed 'snapshot' to 'archive'
  79. pvar: prevent recursion if the named object is itself
  80. receive~: using the r~ alias no longer outputs an MC patch cord
  81. record~: fixed attribute labels
  82. record~: records correctly when number of channels is greater than the referenced buffer
  83. rslider / slider / dial: improved attribute update
  84. s~ and r~: removed duplicate autocomplete results
  85. scale~: fixed output when hi and low are reversed and exponent is used
  86. Set to Default Value(s): fixed for non-style attributes
  87. setclock / clocker: fixed usage & crash
  88. sfrecord~: fixed loop recording when loop length is less than bufferlength
  89. speedlim: fixed quantization
  90. Support Info: appropriately shows Windows 11 info
  91. table: retains length when changing name
  92. textbutton: text / texton attributes set to nothing when there is no arg
  93. textedit: commas and semicolons are properly parsed
  94. textedit: eliminated double-escape when parsing the text field
  95. thispatcher: fixed patchlinecolor scripting usage
  96. trough: fixed issues for when float input ends with an even number
  97. umenu: improved handling of numeric symbols
  98. VIZZIE: fixed sync issues when using non-PROJECTR context
  99. vst~: added pattr notification on "processor changed" event
  100. vst~: cached plug descriptions are checked for up-to-datedness
  101. vst~: improve reliability of program name harvesting
  102. waveform~: updated chanoffset and chanoffset enum in inspector when buffer is modified
  103. Windows: fixed corruption when opening delay.maxhelp
  104. Windows: fixed crash on quit
  105. workspace restore: loadbang improvements
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