1. Handcrafted leather goods
  2. LeatherCraft Germany concentrates on the lasting manufacturing of leather extras. The effect is products that stress durability and quality, which makes them your everyday buddies.
  3. With this strategy, in reality, anything that is just not worldwide of fashion and throw-away customs. This is a go back to the times when physical objects were created in the first place on function and for many years. However, with the minimalist design of our small leather goods, we are bringing this approach into a modern context.
  4. As opposed to the normal design pattern, our leather goods are now only available in organic blacks and browns and so are available throughout every season inside the online store.
  5. high quality, handmade, personalized leather items.
  6. Your personality and creativity in leather. Manufactured in our factory in Germany. Palm-created. For you - so that you will receive the merchandise you need - not size-produced goods. Finest quality handmade.
  7. To get more information about Brillenetuisyou can check our new site


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