1. 1. Score Printing
  2. Version 5.1 adds score printing to Studio One Professional. Scores and individual parts can now be printed directly from Studio One! Printing is supported for any number of tracks, from single instruments to full orchestral arrangements. Several other composition enhancements along with Score Printing are featured in this video:
  3. 2. Retrospective Recording
  4. Never miss another great song idea again! Retrospective Recording captures everything you play on your keyboard or controller—even without hitting record! It works invisibly in the background on a track-by-track basis.
  5. 3. Powerful Track/Channel search and filter options
  6. Managing large projects with a huge track and channel count is now faster and easier than ever with the addition of powerful search and filter options.
  7. 4. Bypass option for Clip Gain Envelopes
  8. Clip Gain Envelops can now be bypassed from the Event context menu and the Event Inspector, making it quick and easy to compare the result of your Gain Envelopes without losing any of your adjustments.
  9. 5. Combined Time/Key Signature Track
  10. The Score View will reflect any Key Signature changes added to Studio One’s new Signature Track. These will also transfer to Notion when sending a score between applications.
  11. 6. Secondary Timeline Ruler option
  12. View minutes:seconds with bars and beats at the same time! A must for film composers.
  13. 7. Global Tracks in Editors
  14. Global Tracks can now be displayed inside Editors and used as guides when editing audio or Note Events in Piano View and Drum View.
  15. 8. External Instruments support on Show Page
  16. External MIDI instruments are now supported using Virtual Instrument Players. Patches can include program change and bank change messages so you can control an entire MIDI rig from your Show!
  17. 9. Ampire/Pedalboard Update
  18. Drag and drop stompbox settings between Ampire and Pedalboard, so go ahead and steal that Big Fuzz tone from your guitarist… we won’t tell!
  19. 10. TONS of Extended Integration with ATOM controller
  20. Note Events in the Pattern Editor are now colorized to match the pad colors in Impact, ATOM and ATOM SQ, so you always know which sound is being triggered and which pad is controlling it. And there’s a new library of inspirational drum patterns and variations patterns in Musicloops format for easy, drag-and-drop saving and export.
  21. Too much to list!
  22. Studio One 5.1 is a significant update and is free to owners of Studio One 5 Artist and Professional. Click here for the full change log, and click “Check for Updates” in Studio One’s start page to get all these new features now!

Studio One 5 Professional v5.1.0 WiN x64-R2R