1. Zeno Clash 2 Version 1.02
  2. Fixes / Improvements:
  3. -Gamepad buttons appear in tutorials / gameplay when playing with controller.
  4. -Improved Russian localization. (Still not final)
  5. -Fixed unresponsive weapons bug.
  6. -Added +1 / +3 indicator when picking up skill totems.
  7. -Added flashing bar indicator when picking up power shards.
  8. -Fixed leaderboards screen navigation.
  9. Coop Fixes:
  10. -Fixed targeting, grabbing and throwing issues on the client side player.
  11. -Rimat now kicks with weapons.
  12. -Fixed Ghat sounds on Multiplayer games.
  13. -Fixed Rimat's pre-dying animation bug in coop.
  14. -Fixed Bully achievement.
  15. Balancing:
  16. -Slightly increased chain weapon damage.
  17. -Slightly increased health item values.
  18. -Slightly reduced HP of enemies appearing in large crowds.
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