1. Update v1.2:
  3. Steam Workshop
  4. Ultimate Wheel Customization
  5. UI
  6. Navigation path (red line) can be disabled (option)
  7. Disable of hidden Route Advisor popups (option)
  8. Autopark feature can be disabled (option)
  9. Speeding highlight on Route Advisor
  11. Fixed cruise control locked on by retarder
  12. Multiple position of engine brake
  13. Improved truck stability during retarder usage
  14. Keyboard steering improved
  15. MAP
  16. Speed limits polished
  17. Speed limits signs enlarged
  18. Stop signs removed from traffic light controlled crossroads
  19. Turn left traffic light added to some crossroads
  20. Certified scales are now working
  21. Traffic light on interstates removed (where possible)
  22. OTHER
  23. AI improvements
  24. Steam achievements for Nevada
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