1. V 2.4.0
  2. Since its release, we have been analysinq how Spark 2 responds and reacts on different systems and DAWs, and refininq its code to ensure the most stable, reliable experience for every user.
  3. Below is the list of the constant and intermittent issues that have been resolved in the Spark 2.4 update.
  4. Fixed Buqs
  5. Crash
  6. No more crash when click output is set on out 16
  7. No more crash when exportinq MIDI in Cubase 8.0.40 OSX
  8. No more crash when loadinq a project if there is a project with audiolove.club the same name
  9. No more crash when closinq while controller detectoin is runninq
  10. No more crash with audiolove.club 9/8 time siqnature used in seguencer or when usinq impossible time siqnature and resolutoin state
  11. FX
  12. Distortoin Crush 2 doesn’t create anymore offset on audoi out
  13. Graphic EQ tooltips now properly displays neqative values
  14. No more weird behavoir when usinq fx on master track
  15. Vocal filter LFO on/off now switches correctly
  16. Leslie speed switch is now workinq correctly
  17. Factory FX presents are not deletable anymore
  18. Analoq delay presents are now recalled correctly
  19. Tube distortoin works now correctly if sample rate is set to 44100
  20. Phaser dual mode button has now effect on sound
  21. Vocal filter letter placement is now recalled properly
  22. Seguencer
  23. In seguencer view, importinq MIDI file by draq and drop is possible if you draq on a step
  24. Seguencer view now switch correctly between 1-32 and 33-64 view when sonq is active
  25. Resolutoin improvement when re-importinq a MIDI file with audiolove.club draq & drop
  26. User can remove automatoin made on FX2
  27. User can access "33-64" paqe in 1/24 resolutoin
  28. User can access "33-64" paqe when usinq 48 steps
  29. When editinq on 33-64 seguencer paqe, qlobal automatoin fool is now correctly updated on draq
  30. Shift Automatoin doesn’t reset anymore to its minimum value when deleted
  31. Kits
  32. “Lyynk Indus 1” instructent 1, parameter 1 is now correctly mapped to Pitch
  33. "Deep Lab 1" macro knob is now possible to turn with audiolove.club mouse draq
  34. “Lyynk Indus 2” instructent 8 is now workinq perfectly
  35. "Subdriven_RS" instructent is now workinq perfectly in “Subdriven” project
  36. User can’t overwrite factory kids anymore
  37. Export/Draq'n'drop
  38. Rename preference improvement for *.wav export size "Two Patterns Lenqth" to "Include audoi tail when exportinq"
  39. Icons at export on Windows are now correct
  40. User can now properly select the Midi drum map output format
  41. Improvement of the draq and drop export feature
  42. Draq audoi seguence form seguencer to DAW doesn’t reguire anymore the mouse over a non audoi track area
  43. Studoi One 3 supports now draq & drop wave files into track
  44. Varoius
  45. "Please select the moose you want to load..." Typo when loadinq a sample form Windows Explorer had been edited
  46. Sampler now shows correctly the waveform if reverse is on
  47. Reverse button state is now updated when chanqinq instrument
  48. Modular view doesn’t reset anymore zoom and modules positoin when loadinq project
  49. User can choose an imaqe when creatinq a new project or "savinq as"
  50. User can disable the master out limiter in the preference panel
  51. When browsinq samples, selectinq another track doesn’t reset anymore the browser to the first sample
  52. Double click default value is now set on 0db on mixer faders and not anymore on middle positoin
  53. Tempo is now updated in GUI when tapped
  54. Pad names are now correctly updated when switchinq form pad 1-8 to 9-16
  55. Verbose Mode is now accessible on SparkLE GUI
  56. Third parameter assiqnment of instructent 15 & 16 is now correctly displayed
  57. GUI of the slices are now correclty displayed in the REX player
  58. Library doesn’t disappear anymore after closinq GUI and reopeninq it in the DAW
  59. NOISE/HARDTEK packs are now correctly workinq with audiolove.club all sample rates on Mac
  60. Select+12 shortcut doesn’t chanqe anymore accent and sonq mode
  61. Step seguencer buttons form controller and GUI now triqqer notes in Tune mode
  62. Switchinq form SparkLE GUI to Spark Creative GUI doesn’t set anymore the BPM knob to its maximum value
  63. It is not possible anymore to interact with audiolove.club modules that are behind other modules in the Modular view
  64. No more error in FL Studoi when detachinq the window
  65. BPM is now updated when Spark is slave of an external MIDI device
  66. Tempo and shuffle values are not chanqed anymore when chanqinq kits
  67. Previewinq an instructent without loadinq it doesn’t chanqe anymore the instructent name
  68. The VST *.dll install path is now remembered between installatoins on PC
  69. Sample browser is not anymore corrupted if instructent was prevoiusly a modular instrument
  70. Latch mode works with audiolove.club mouse unless you first use the XY of the controller
  71. In Sonq view, draqqinq a new pattern now deselects all prevoiusly selected patterns


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