1. What's New
  2. Version 11.1.1:
  3. Changes
  4. If a licensed (non-demo) product is in use, a SHA1 hash of the serial number is now included when checking for updates. (Your license code is never transmitted in the clear.) This is done to enable improvements to the software-update experience when using pre-release versions of the product.
  5. Fixes
  6. Added nonatomic to the Objective-C/Objective-C++ keyword lists.
  7. Fixed bug in which an empty selection range would be passed to AppleScript filters run from the "Apply Text Filter" command, rather than passing the entire text of the document (which is what should be done, consistent with other filter types and the documentation).
  8. When generating completions for predefined names, language keywords are now included.
  9. Fixed crash which would occur on 10.9 when using "Save As" on a document in the front window, when the window immediately behind was an instaproject.
  10. Fixed bug in which custom color schemes were written out incorrectly, so that their settings did not appropriately override built in defaults.
  11. Fixed bug in which saving changes to a file in a Zip archive would fail if the file name contained certain combinations of characters which incidentally had special meaning (such as filename wild cards).
  12. Fixed bug in which some legacy color schemes were not converted correctly.
  13. Fixed bug which would trigger incorrect generation of resolved #relative# placeholders.
  14. Fixed -50 error which would be reported when saving an empty file with a text encoding other than UTF-8.
  15. Fixed bug in which the "Case sensitive" option for Sort Lines and Process Duplicate Lines did not apply in text factory application unless "Sort using pattern" or "Match using pattern" (respectively) was also turned on.
  16. Fixed bug in which certain clipping names (such as !important) could not be autocompleted in CSS.
  17. Fixed bug which prevented non-English words from being checked correctly when the system spelling settings were set to "Automatic by language".
  18. true, false, yes, and no (case insensitive) are now accepted as respective synonyms for 1 and 0 for Boolean values in EditorConfig files.
  19. Fixed bug in which the "title" field in the New HTML Document dialog didn't apply unless you first tabbed out of it before confirming the dialog.
  20. The Silverlight plug-in is now blocked from loading, so that it can no longer crash the application.
  21. Restored the legacy UseDistinctColorsForHTMLAttributesAndValues expert preference.
  22. Made a change so that backslash () is allowed as a completion trigger in TeX documents.
  23. Fixed a few small memory leaks.
  24. Fixed bug in which defaults set by "Save Default Project Window" would override some settings in the project itself.
  25. Moved the "Restore Defaults" button up one pixel in the Text Files preferences.
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