1. Which Battery Is Greatest For My RV?
  2. With lithium batteries becoming a more widespread choice in RV photo voltaic, it could actually add to the data overload for each sellers and prospects alike. Do they go together with the normal AGM or move to lithium? Listed below are a number of tricks to weigh the advantages of every battery sort for your customer and assist them make a extra informed decision.
  3. Lifespan and Prices
  4. Budgets play an enormous function in deciding which battery to get. With Lithium batteries being dearer to start with, it can seem like a no-brainer to go along with an AGM. However what causes this difference? AGM batteries stay inexpensive as a result of the supplies used to make them are cheap and broadly obtainable. Lithium batteries, however, use more expensive materials with some being more durable to come by (i.e. lithium).
  5. Another a part of the decision-making process to contemplate is the lifespan of those batteries. That is where the initial value of the Lithium could be offset. The next points highlight the differences between lithium and AGM:
  6. - AGM batteries are delicate to depth of discharge. This means the deeper the battery is discharged, the fewer cycles it has.
  7. - AGM batteries are usually beneficial to solely be discharged to 50% of their capability to maximize their cycle life. This limited depth of discharge (DOD) of 50% implies that more batteries are required to realize the desired capacity. This means extra upfront costs, and more room wanted to store them.
  8. - best lithium battery (LiFePO4) battery, alternatively, just isn't affected much by depth of discharge so it boasts a much longer cycle life. Its DOD of 80-90% means fewer batteries are required to attain the desired capability. Fewer batteries imply less space wanted to retailer them.
  9. More on discharge depths later.
  10. Preliminary Price Per Capability ($/kWh):
  11. AGM - 221; Lithium - 530
  12. Initial Cost Per Life Cycle ($/kWh):
  13. AGM - 0.71; Lithium - 0.19
  14. Expertise
  15. Whereas lithium batteries could have advantages, AGMs still have proven time-examined know-how as they have been around for much longer. AGM’s even have the higher hand relating to charging in freezing (beneath zero degrees Celsius) temperatures - albeit, with a bit of a hit to its efficiency. Unlike AGM’s, lithium batteries require temperature regulation for use in beneath-freezing temperatures.
  16. Measurement and Weight
  17. Lithium batteries have the added bonus of not containing the heavier lead-acid found in AGM’s, subsequently, are a lot lighter. Since their DOD is 80-90%, lithium a battery bank typically occupies much less space. (Much less batteries are required for a desired capacity.) Due to this, lithium batteries can save fairly a bit of volume and weight compared to the traditional AGM’s.
  18. Discharge
  19. The depth of discharge of a battery refers to the percentage of the battery that has been discharged (used) relative to its overall capability inside a cost cycle. A lithium battery with an total capacity of 100Ah (amp hours) gives you 80Ah-90Ah (or discharge to 80%-90%), while AGM’s supply 50Ah (or discharge of 50%) before needing to recharge.
  20. Based mostly on these numbers, AGM’s are the better choice for many who use their RV only a few months at a time, and lithium batteries are preferable for those who're off-grid on a regular basis.
  21. AGM*
  22. NOT Bad
  23. *Conserving in mind which utility you're using it for. It may be great for intermittent RV’ers.
  24. Maintenance
  25. As both the Go Energy! lithium and AGM batteries are sealed, they are considered maintenance free.
  26. AGM
  27. Lithium
  28. Great
  29. Abstract
  30. AGM - Whereas it could appear like lithium is the higher option, AGMs are still a very good consideration for some. Here’s why:
  31. - Can be used as starting batteries (most lithium batteries can not)
  32. - Carry out higher in colder situations
  33. - Time-tested expertise
  34. - Could be wired in series
  35. - Less expensive initially
  36. - A good starting point for most beginner installers
  37. Lithium - A fairly new entrance into the RV battery market in comparison with the AGM, the lithium battery is an efficient power-home. Its advantages are as follows:
  38. - Up to 15% higher charging efficiency
  39. - As much as 50% lighter than AGM
  40. - Longer lifespan
  41. - Deeper depth of discharge
  42. - Whereas more expensive up front, they make up for the difference over time
  43. Click right here to see our recommended Go Power! batteries
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