3. Release: Sable Maze 3 Forbidden Garden Collectors Edition v1.0
  4. (c) 2014 Daily Magic
  5. Date: 07/24/2014
  6. Cracked By: Twisted EndZ
  7. Release Type
  8. Registration/Serial Crack
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  10. Trial Crack
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  18. From Daily Magic, creators of the acclaimed Dark Dimensions and
  19. Sable Maze series
  20. Your parents always told you to stay away from the mysterious
  21. hedge maze behind their house and youre about to find out why
  22. On the eve of your wedding, your fianc, Ryan, is kidnapped by a
  23. mysterious force and dragged straight to the heart of the maze
  24. or so it seems. As you follow his trail, you discover that the
  25. labyrinth contains a door to another world and whoever is on the
  26. other side has a vendetta against your entire family. Can you
  27. uncover the roots of their hatred and bring Ryan back before all
  28. is lost? Find out in this gorgeous Hidden Object Adventure game
  29. This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive
  30. extras you wont find in the standard version. The Collectors
  31. Edition includes:
  32. A bonus game with Wisteria's continuing adventures
  33. Jewelry collections reveal extra information
  34. Trophies, art, a developer's diary, and more
  35. An available Strategy Guide
  36. Game System Requirements
  37. OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  38. CPU: 2.5 GHz
  39. RAM: 1024 MB
  40. DirectX: 9.0
  41. Hard Drive: 1617 MB
  43. As of 09/14/2013 ALL TE RAR archives will now be using the RAR5
  44. standard. Please make sure to update to the latest version of
  45. Winrar (at least Winrar v5.0) so you can extract the contents of
  46. the .001, .002 etc... archives within the zip files. The
  47. update is free, there is no reason not to update
  48. TE Release Filename: tsm3c1xx.zip
  50. Install Setup.exe. Crack is preinstalled, launch the game from
  51. the shortcut
  52. Thats it Enjoy
  53. T E 2 0 1 4
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  55. by mx
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